Jewels of the Sea Sees 2613 Clicks to Their Website in Just 90 Days!

May 14, 20210 comments

Google My Business Optimization: Jewels of the Sea Sees 2613 Clicks to Their Website in Just 90 Days!

Screenshot of Jewels of the Sea Case Study: Google My Business Optimization Resulting in 2613 Website Clicks in 90 Days


Jewels of the Sea


Ronald Glasser Owner


Seashell Museum, and 3D seashells. 



Case Study: Driving Traffic with Optimized Google My Business for Jewels of the Sea

Background of the client: Jewels of the Sea, is a Sea Shell museum,  website that sells 3D seashells, and educates people of all ages on sea life. We helped to improve their online presence and boost website traffic. They sought our digital marketing firm’s help since they were desperate to draw in more targeted visitors.

Jewels of the Sea encountered the following difficulties:

Limited online exposure: The customer had trouble standing out in a crowded market, which led to poor website traffic.

GMB Optimization:

Unrealized potential of Google My Business (GMB): They were missing out on possibilities to draw in local clients and encourage website hits since their GMB listing was not created or optimized.

Local SEO Strategies:

We implemented targeted local SEO strategies to enhance Jewels of the Sea’s visibility within their target market. This included optimizing their website with local keywords, acquiring high-quality local backlinks, and encouraging positive customer reviews.

Review Management:

We provided guidance on effective review management, encouraging satisfied customers to leave positive reviews on the GMB listing. This enhanced the client’s reputation, credibility, and overall visibility in local search results.

Results Achieved:

Through our tailored digital marketing strategies, Jewels of the Sea experienced remarkable results:

  1. Increased Website Clicks: Within just 90 days of optimizing their GMB listing, Jewels of the Sea witnessed a substantial increase in website clicks. Their GMB profile successfully drove 2,613 clicks, attracting a highly targeted audience directly to their website.
  2. Improved Online Visibility: The optimized GMB listing and local SEO efforts significantly improved Jewels of the Sea’s online visibility. They began ranking higher in local search results, allowing them to capture the attention of their target audience and stand out amidst fierce competition.

Enhanced Local Presence:

By leveraging local SEO techniques and optimizing their GMB listing, Jewels of the Sea established a strong local presence. This enabled them to connect with nearby customers actively searching for unique 3D seashells, boosting their chances of conversions and sales.


Through our strategic approach to GMB optimization and local SEO, Jewels of the Sea experienced a substantial increase in website clicks and an enhanced online presence.

By leveraging the power of their GMB listing, they attracted a highly targeted audience, driving qualified traffic to their website. This case study showcases the tangible results that can be achieved when leveraging the potential of Google My Business and implementing effective local SEO strategies.

We are proud to have played a pivotal role in Jewels of the Sea’s success, elevating their online visibility and driving growth in their niche market.

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